Message from the President

It can be easily agreed upon by everyone that in today’s world, law schools alone cannot foster growth individually. There is a dire need for greater interaction and facilitation among law schools around the world. The Asian Association of Law Professors (AALP) is aimed at developing greater partnership and deeper relations between the law schools in South Asia in particular and Asia in general. This association is expected to work towards significant development of legal scholarship and greater interaction of legal scholars with growing working partnership. Trans-Himalayan region is home to diverse and culturally connected polity, civilizations and legal systems. It is also a home to best law schools around the world. The interaction and communication between legal institutions is very weak, however, South Asia needs to be integrated much deeper and thus this association aims to be a central point for law schools, scholars and academicians to come together for collaborating collectively and learning from each other with sense of interdependence. It is a right time therefore, to propose the idea of  AALP as it is an idea for not only legal education but it is about justice education preferably through social justice education. Law schools have responsibility to protect and foster democracy, rule of law, good governance and human rights to all. It is also essential to revitalize principles and values of international laws developed by Asian civilizations.

As an interim president of the association, i hope to bring together consortium of institutions and professors around the world. It is proposed that in the 1st International Conference of AALP titled ‘Realising Asian Century: Understanding International Law & Governance’ at Kathmandu on 9th and 10th July 2019 the participating institutions  and professors will come to together to formally establish the association. 

Thus, I welcome you all to Kathmandu, Nepal for this important event and i thank you for your support.

Dr. Yubaraj Sangroula

Executive Director, Kathmandu School of Law, Nepal 

Former Attorney General of Nepal