Asian Association of Law Professors (AALP)

  1. The association is a consortium of institutions and professors from around the world. It brings together institutions, scholars, experts, researchers, young academicians and students by creating a thought-provoking experience for intellectual opportunity, stimulation and exchange. It is an idea developed by professors from Nepal, India, China, Bangladesh and Pakistan and formally launched in July 2019.
  2. The geographical scope of the organisation is Asia Pacific region with special focus on South Asia. We are inviting institutions from almost all around the Asia Pacific Region from North to down South. 
  3. The association will have institutional members and individual members. 
  4. The association already have institutional and individual members from Bangladesh, China and Nepal.
  5. The website of the association is . The email of the association is currently
  6. On 10th July 2019 first general assembly of the association was hosted along the conference confirming the institutions and individuals at the time as founder members of the association and formally launching the association.
  7. Currently, Prof. (Dr.) Yubaraj Sangroula, Executive Director of Kathmandu School of Law, Nepal and Former Attorney General of Nepal is the President and Prof. Mizanur Rehman, Former Chairman of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Bangladesh and Professor at University of Dhaka is the Executive Director. 
  8. Membership Fees:
    • Founding Institutional Membership (Lifetime) – USD 5000
    • Institutional Membership (Yearly) – USD 250
    • Individual Membership (Yearly) – Professionals/Academicians – USD 150 | PhD/Research Scholars – USD 100 | Students – USD 50